Our Brands


That Dyco had to have a lingerie department was written in the stars. After five years at Eminence Dyco started with Calida, a then unknown brand in Belgium. Moments later Taubert joined with his super soft bathrobes.

The lingerie department had a very successful development and in 1997 we opened our own store in Vilvoorde at Calida’s request. The Calishop sore still exists today, but franchising of the concept has never resided there.


In 2005 Hanro, Internationally known as a luxury lingerie brand, entered the assortment. Hanro has been growing steadily ever since.

With the creation of Dexit in 2019, new opportunities opened up. In a short period of time, the range with Cyell, Le Chat, Muchachomalo, Bugatti, Wewo and Dorélit and sales increased.

At Dexit we count 220 stores among our customers.