The story of CYELL started in the spring of ‘94. Cynthia and Ella wanted to be able to make a more conscious choice, for something that celebrates their body and represents their blossoming self-confidence. Looking for something new they discussed their needs; most importantly stylish shapes that complement their different attributes alongside feminine and fun prints that feel elegant and extraordinary. Today; celebrating 25 years of business, Cyell is the brand for confident women. Because they know themselves and their body and they  tuned in to the details of life, they can enjoy the little things. Blessed with all different body shapes, Cyell women fall in love with our swimwear as it allows them to feel free and full of confidence. From its perfect fit to unique and rich details, Cyell Swimwear & Sleepwear is designed and made with passion. More than 1 million confident women all over the world shine in the Swim & Sleepwear of CYELL.  Women that know that luck can be found in the little things in life. Do you already know that feeling?