It all started with three young, creative and driven men from England. They wanted to make a difference for Women who are defying breast cancer. They learned that many Women take regular bras and hand sew pockets for their prostheses to wear beautiful lingerie and still feel feminine. They were shocked to discover how painful the process of shopping for post-mastectomy lingerie was for women around the world. After all, for Women lingerie is as much about comfort and fit as it is about feeling confident and feminine. The whole shopping experience should be about lifting Women’s spirits and confirming that they are as vibrant and beautiful as ever. In 2018, When all the puzzle pieces were in place, they launched the fashion label MEGAMI.

MEGAMI, is a fashion brand that unapologetically believes in equality for all Women. MEGAMI is not a medical brand, but a modern, bold and fearless brand. Their mission is to empower and enhance confidence in Women by offering quality and fashionable collection.