Since day one, Dyco has been looking for the ideal collection within the chosen market segment. Every collection has to fit in the wardrobe of our existing customers.

We take our time to decide whether we would add a certain collection to our range, should we have a store. With this way of thinking we are now able to offer a range composed of products from specialist brands such as Meyer, MMX and CG Club of Gents and from suppliers with a full range like Bugatti or A Fish Named Fred.

With Meyer and Bugatti we have two leading brands on board, both having multiple selling points in Belgium.

With MMX we’re offering products a specialist in trousers in the more high-end, yet still affordable segment. This brand is attracting more shopkeepers every year.

A Fish Named Fred and CG Club of Gents are two younger brands that both will soon be part of the future group of big brands.