1971, a new Belgian label … not so new

Born in Liège in the beginning of 2019, in the mind of a designer, in the profession for more than 20 years, 1971 is a fairtrade and eco-friendly label in line with a fairer, more humane fashion industry that respects producers, distributors and consumers alike. A successful gamble that does not prevent fun, audacity and a sense of discrepancy that hits the mark.


An ethical product, but not boring

1971 was first of all a year of birth: that of Christelle Loozen, the designer at the origin of this label centred on the world of men. 1971 is also a nod to the spirit of the 70s, a sparkling and playful decade like the brand logo: a crest inspired by the sports patents that teenagers in the 70s proudly wore on their jerseys. Designed with a practical and cool approach to clothing, the 1971 polo shirts, sweaters and pullovers feature cuts and finishes that make them timeless, but not boring.


A reasoned approach to clothing

1971 is also a commitment. That of offering quality clothing designed in Belgium, produced in complete transparency and offered at fair prices. Christelle Loozen has chosen to hide nothing. Based in the north of Portugal, her two partner workshops for the top pieces are clearly referenced on her site: the first, orchestrated by a woman entrepreneur, is in charge of making sweaters and tee-shirts and the second, totally family-run, ensures the manufacture of knitwear whose quality bears witness to an exceptional know-how.

As for denim, her family workshop is located in the Italian region of Abruzzo, where Italian denim is that of the greats.


A simple but evolving cloakroom

Christelle Loozen is a designer and product manager for several Belgian and foreign brands with which she works as a freelancer. She has also developed a solid know-how in the denim sector. For winter 20-21, she is therefore launching her jeans in recycled canvas. Produced in Italy with a “less water” approach, this collection significantly reduces the ecological footprint of denim. Ultra quality, these trousers with their classic and timeless cuts complete the 1971 wardrobe. An ambitious, yet reasoned wardrobe, at the antipode of formatted concepts and ephemeral trends.


A retail project in tune with the times

Close to her suppliers, but also to her customers (the brand is distributed in about fifteen Belgian points of sale, as well as in Switzerland and France) Christelle Loozen respects the rhythm of the seasons. Part of the collection is sold in Never Out of Stock throughout the season in order to facilitate the purchasing policy of the shops, which is currently being put to the test. A deliberate choice coupled with a desire not to overproduce thanks to the collaboration of its European factories, but also to reduce the ecological footprint of the label as much as possible. In the same logic, each item is packed in a biodegradable bag.