MMX means more than producing trousers or introducing a new fashion brand. It’s about carrying on a tradition and, most importantly, about a new interpretation of the perfect pair of trousers.

An absolute perfect fit and the precision of the handicraft are the fundamental pillars of an MMX pair of trousers. MMX trousers are designed with huge sense of style and design and are exclusively made from high-quality fabrics using skills gained through 50 years of experience. Thanks to the luxury details the trousers closely resemble a hand-crafted and custom made pair of trousers.

Style and conviction is the MMX wearer’s motto. He is fashionable and up to date and wants to know where his products come from and how his clothing is produced. He is social, environmentally conscious and responsible. He is demanding and individual. He doesn’t follow fashion trends and carefully takes decisions, keeping in mind what he likes. He doesn’t compromise and has a fixed style.

With the conscience of a new generation, MMX takes its responsibility by using an own laundry facility with an integrated water purification system. All products used during processing of the materials are ecological and all trousers are produced in the own European Fairtrade factories. MMX uses fair trade cotton to support the efforts for sustainability.

MMX speaks the language of a new generation of men. MMX was created as a new concept by Meyer-Hosen AG in 2010, so it can fall back on 50 years of experience and a long tradition of making trousers. MMX, meaning the Roman number 2010, represents a collection that brings together modern design and hand-made know-how. Michael Meyer, son of the founder, is responsible for the development of the brand and introduces this company, so full of tradition, into a new era.