Our Brands


When Dyco moved to the current location in 2011 they upgraded from a 180m² showroom to a 700m² showroom. Suddenly there was place to extend the women’s wear department, that had been neglected until then.

We took over the clientele of a colleague that retired, gaining sufficient customers to move to a significant position. Yet, insufficiently important to become a substantial department within Dyco.

Besides looking for the right people to extend the women’s wear department we also had to attract good commercial brands. So, similar to what we did for the men’s wear department, we started looking for a decent brand of trousers. We were lucky, because in the end we found two.

Rosner is an in-house brand of trousers that have an excellent fit. Rosner offers everything fashion with an average price range.

The coats and jackets of Pregio Couture perfectly go with our trouser brand, as with the pullover collection from Viento Donna.

Of course we also offer products from Eva Kayan, a brand from Marseille.