Pregio Couture

From Apulia to the world, a story of craftsmanship and passion.

The collection Pregio Couture is made by competent craftsmen that have the skill to transform a simple piece of clothing into a unique product for those who wear it.

The magic of the Itria Valley, where Martina Franca is one of the most important cities, is a source of Italian inspiration. The quality of the materials and the care for details throughout the collection is appreciated across the entire world.

Pregio Couture uses selected fabrics and fur and four generations of experience to give women the appearance they deserve.

Our customers are women from the new generation, with an eye for fashion and always looking for high and superior quality. The philosophy of the brand has become more modern and elegant in style throughout the years. Both in terms of fabrics and colours. A complete fashion-oriented vision.

Pregio Couture is quickly gaining happy customers, thanks to accessible style, enriched with valuable and original details, comfort and softness.