We started out with men’s trousers in 1967, but we started specializing in women’s trousers from 1969. Throughout the years Rosner has known many owners. In 2013, Weber & Ott AG eventually became the owner. This turned out to be a good partnership, because besides the more classic brand Toni, Weber & Ott wanted to provide a fashionable brand with appearance.

When they designed the new fit Audrey in 2008, nobody could imagine how successful this model would be. Until today, Audrey is one of the most important models of the collection. The special stitchings at the front make your belly look more flat, so women feel comfortable wearing this fit.

Because we know our own worth, we make trousers of the best quality, with a perfect fit and a fashionable appearance. However fashion will evolve, Rosner will always make trousers with a passion for detail. Informality and trendiness make a perfect match with Rosner, which is why we chose Dutch top model Sophie Vlaming to show our collection.

Rosner makes trousers for fashionable women of 35 years and older. This is why we also care a great deal for socially responsible production.